About Ken Schels

The family business, Forest Products and Lumber Company, Inc, was incorporated in 1949. In 1985 Ken Schels took over the family business as is the current owner operator. He has been creating custom sculptures from metal and wood for over 38 years. Projects vary from functional furniture like tables, doors, and gazebos to fanciful works of art like eagles, wooden castles, and 6 foot metal ants. Whatever the project, every piece is one of a kind and handmade. View our portfolio of work and give us a call to turn your dream into a reality.

History of KMS: Ken Schels

KMS is a family owned business currently run by Ken Schels, but the history of KMS begins with his mother and father, Carl and Martha Schels. Born in 1906 in Germany, Carl was the epitome of a pioneer.

At a young age Carl came to America and settled in the Eagle River, Wisconsin, area of the Northwoods. He lived in the Nicolet National Forest for 8 years with no running water or electricity surviving as a trapper. Carl appreciated the freedom of America and enjoyed the outdoors greatly.

This passion for nature was passed on to his son Ken, who now mixes the art of nature with his own creativity to make sculptures, carvings, and furniture. Ken himself admits that many times he only has to polish what nature has already created. With other pieces he welds and carves the metal or wood to make a balanced combination of man and nature.

Ken's goal is to bring the highest level of quality and creativity to every project he works on.


Custom made small cabins

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Handcrafted wood carvings and sculptures

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Metal Sculptures and Functional Works of Art

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Wooden furniture, featuring exceptional craftsmanship

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