Special Interest

KMS is  capable of a lot more than one would think with our wide range of  options and talents. Logging and lumbering have always been a big part of our business.  Ken has a sawmill that can cut some of the largest trees around.  We also have the ability to media blast our pieces to create and bring out the natural beauty in each piece of wood.  We have an unlimited supply of beautiful slabs for mantels, bars, counter tops and table tops, along with lumber for our rustic siding.  We are known for tricking houses with our spectacular character logs.  Bringing the outside nature into your home and creating a one of a kind environment for your family and friends to enjoy forever.

KMS offers unique one of a kind creations found only in the hearts and imagination of Ken, his staff and you.  Check out the following truly unique creations Ken has designed, carved, sculpted, fabricated and installed for his favorite people!